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    Double Glazing Newcastle

    Double and triple glazed units from Stormshield Cramlington

    Double Glazed Units Newcastle

    Brand new double glazed units may be required if you have a damaged unit, cracked pane, or even do not have double glazed units for your home or property. Stormshield offers an immediate and incredibly profession service to solve your problems, for both domestic and commercial properties across the Newcastle region. No job for Stormshield is too much, no matter the scale of the job we are assigned. Our expert installers at Stormshield are trained to an exceptional standard so the units are installed with minimal disruption to you and surrounding people of your property. When choosing to use Stormshield, you’re guaranteed a remarkable service for a highly competitive price. Please do not hesitate to contact our team to enquire about our double glazing, or inform us your property specifications and your requirements for a free quote.

    Once you’ve selected your double or triple glazed windows, our expert installers will begin the entire installation process. Our installation team will arrive at your property and ensure they have access to each of your windows that you require double glazing to installed to. With Stormshield, we can handle the entire process without you having to do anything, meaning providing ladders or moving furniture will not be required for your units to be installed. After arrival at your property, our installers will carefully prepare the space before starting work.

    We always ensure to arrive at your property at a convenient time to ensure your property is safe for the process, then take measurements for the new units. Please do not hesitate to contact our expert team for more information regarding the installation process of our double glazed units.


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    Triple Glazing Newcastle

    Yes, triple glazing! Triple glazing is the equivalent of double glazing, just with an additional pane of glass. This means that the unit will have the same benefits as double glazing, however, the benefits are enhanced. The main benefit of glazed windows is its insulating layers. Tripe glazed units have an extra layer of insulation, meaning that the property is even more efficient temperature controlled. With triple glazing, your home will remain cool during the hot summers days and warm on cold winter days. This will be of fantastic benefit during the winter for reducing how much you spend on your heating bills. With triple glazing, your home will be more insulated, preventing the need for too much central heating.

    Another benefit that attracts people to invest in double glazing is that it can provide extra protection for your home as double glazed panes are extremely difficult to break through. This is as when double or triple glazing shatters, it is extremely hard and dangerous to climb through, additionally to making an extreme amount of noise, which is guaranteed to wake up neighbours. Both of these points are only if the intruder would be able to break through the panes. Each pane that is used for double glazing is extremely tough, therefore it would be very challenging for an intruder to break through them.

    Triple glazing can be fitted in both domestic and commercial properties and benefit both types of property. Stormshield can efficiently fit triple glazed units to both domestic and commercial properties in Newcastle and surrounding areas. For more information on how triple glazing could benefit your home or for a free quote, call our expert team today or visit our showroom. We can arrange for units to be fitted at a time that is convenient for both parties.


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