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    Guardian Roof Ashington – The Best Conservatory Roof

    Guardian Roof Ashington – The Best Conservatory Roof


    Your home is your place of rest, your sanctuary away from the outside world. So, why not make this the year where you truly transform your living space? Turn it into one that allows you to fully enjoy it. If you have a conservatory, you might consider a new conservatory roof to replace one that is not giving you the full and proper use of your conservatory space. In this article, we take a look at the available conservatory roof systems and explain why the Guardian warm roof tops our list. If you’d like to find out more or to get a quote for a Guardian Roof in Ashington, contact us on 01670 710050 or complete our online contact form today.


    If you don’t have a conservatory but are considering one, deciding on the right roofing system is key. It can affect your whole use of your new conservatory. Read on to learn more about the different conservatory roof systems available when planning for your new conservatory. For a conservatory in Newcastle, get in touch with Stormshield for a free quote.


    Conservatory Roofing Options


    replacement conservatory roof ashingtonPolycarbonate conservatory roof – Polycarbonate is a cheap material often used for conservatory roofs. Its value is what makes it so popular, as well as its low maintenance needs. Unfortunately, polycarbonate has been known to hold up poorly under extreme weather conditions and it does not provide much insulation for your conservatory space.


    Glass conservatory roof – Great for introducing large volumes of natural light into a room, glass has been a commonly used conservatory roofing material for decades. While modern glazing can help increase the thermal efficiency of the glass conservatory roof, it can leave spaces poorly ventilated and risk a greenhouse feel to the room.


    Tiled conservatory roof – Somewhat newer to the scene than either glass or polycarbonate. More and more people are opting for solid conservatory roof systems. Seeing the benefits as well as the value for money they offer has convinced many people to take the leap and convert their existing conservatory to a solid roof conservatory. This enables them to enjoy the benefits of their conservatory, year-round.


    The Guardian Warm Roof

    guardian roof ashington

    Here at Stormshield, we’ve installed our fair share of conservatories over the last few decades. We make it our business to advise our valued customers on the best conservatory options to suit their needs. Which is why we’ve become staunch believers in the Guardian Roof system.


    A Guardian conservatory roof offers each conservatory installation so many benefits. Here are just a few…


    Conservatory insulation – Having sat in many cold conservatories over the years, we know that a properly insulated conservatory is important. Unlike its glass and polycarbonate counterparts, a tiled conservatory roof offers excellent insulation, thanks to its insulating layer and specialist tiles. It is also well ventilated, making it ideal for use in both cold and warmer weather.


    Sound absorption – If you live in a residential area, chances are it can get a little noisy outside in certain seasons or at particular times of the day. While glass and polycarbonate do little to reduce the amount of noise that seeps in, a Guardian Roof has superb sound reduction qualities, helping make your space just that little bit more peaceful and quiet.


    Reduced energy bills – Thanks to its great insulation, a Guardian Roof can help save you money on your energy bills, as you’ll require less energy to heat your home. Making a Guardian Roof conservatory roof conversion great value for money.


    Conservatory Roof Replacement


    Thanks to its lightweight tile system, replacing your existing conservatory roof with a Guardian conservatory roof couldn’t be easier. In most cases, the new warm roof system can simply be fitted straight onto the conservatory structure, without the need for additional structural support. The lightweight conservatory roof is designed to weigh no more than a glass or polycarbonate roof, meaning that installation can be completed in a matter of days. Contact us to find out how long a conservatory roof replacement will take.


    Guardian Roof Cost


    As we’ve previously mentioned, a Guardian Roof offers fantastic value for money. To find out how much a replacement tiled conservatory roof will cost, simply complete our online quote form for a detailed quote for a Guardian Roof in Ashington. Or, give us a call on 01670 710050.


    Have more questions about the Guardian Roof? Visit our recent article on frequently asked questions around the Guardian Roof.


    Stormshield is a Guardian conservatory roof system approved installer. When you purchase your Guardian warm roof system through us, we retain full building control so you can rest assured that you are getting the very best Stormshield service from friendly professionals who will meet your specific requirements. Find out more or contact us for a quote today.


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