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    Kitchens and Bathrooms Newcastle

    So much more than just places where we go to cook and wash, let us show you some 5-star solutions that can transform your home

    gloss kitchen designers Newcastle

    Kitchens Newcastle

    Kitchens that are beautifully designed and professionally installed

    At Stormshield, our philosophy is to supply the kitchen design you want and install your dream kitchen into your home. We start with you, by exploring your preferences, home specifications, and requirements to find out what you really want from your kitchen and how you should have your kitchen. The overall size and shape will almost certainly determine some of the characteristics, however, we are experts in helping our clients to make the most of the available space by allowing them to have a kitchen that is all that they would expect in a kitchen.

    In one of the most (if not the most) important rooms in your home, it is vitally important to have an attractive living space with everything in place where you would like it to be. Many people prefer to have their kitchen appliances situated close together to prevent the risk of spillage or to have to move around less, Stormshield can design you a kitchen with gaps for you to place your kitchen appliances where is needed. Our aim is to always ensure complete customer satisfaction by working alongside and taking into consideration each individual requirement.

    Our first step is to offer you a free home visit in order to measure your kitchen and produce the initial CAD drawings to show you how your kitchen can complement your home. We will always make realistic and possible adjustments to the CAD kitchen design upon request. If you would like a slot for an appliance to be in a different location, or a design or colour to be altered, feel free to ask our expert designers who can change the design to match your expectations. To speak to our designers of our kitchens and bathrooms and other products such as conservatories or orangeries, call today or visit our showroom!


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    Bathrooms Newcastle

    Bathrooms available for installation

    Stormshield Interiors offers a huge range of magnificent bathroom designs and fittings. All of our showroom products are specifically selected based on three main points: design, functionality and quality. Each of these points is carefully analysed before the design is put on display at our showroom in Cramlington. With this as our starting point, we supply everything from showers to sanitary ware including bathroom furniture to stand alone bathtubs. The location of each appliance in your bathroom will also be discussed with you by our expert designers to ensure that everything in your incredible new bathroom is exactly in place. It is just as important to have the layout exactly as you would want in your bathroom as it is to have the aesthetic design.

    We represent a wide range of manufacturers who specialise in everything from modern bathrooms to more classical styles. The aim is to give you the widest possible choice because it’s your opinion and requirements that matter the most to us when finding a perfect bathroom for you. Having listened to what you’re looking for including your requirements, home specifications, and design preferences, we work to offer you the best products for your bathroom and a design that is as accurate as possible to your expectations. Whether you’re looking for a new sink or a complete bathroom redesign, you’ll receive the same friendly, impartial advice.

    Call us today with information regarding your preferences and home specifications, so we can gather all of the information we require to find the perfect bathroom for your home. Feel free to also visit our magnificent showroom, where we can tour you around our selection of stunning bathroom designs, to help inspire you for your next bathroom design. Our staff will also be at hand to support you to find exactly what you require.

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