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    Seasonal Benefits of Double Glazing

    How does Double Glazing effect your home throughout the year?

    Throughout the year, the weather is going to make a dramatic impact on your life, especially in your home. The weather can determine the temperature of your home, which can also determine how much you spend on your energy bills, how you sleep and how you spend your free time in your home. An example of this is in the summer, where it is likely that your home may be too hot due to sunny outdoor temperatures. This could potentially lead to less sleep as you are too hot. In the winter, it is also likely that you will have to spend more money on heating bills as your home will be colder. With these common weather-caused problems, there are many solutions to help tackle or reduce the negative effects. One of the most common and the most efficient methods of tackling seasonal weather issues is double glazing. Double glazed windows are windows with two panels of glass, with the gap in between the two panels of glass filled with an insulating gas (usually argon). Across the North-East, double glazing is extremely popular due to its multiple benefits, and many modern homes are now constructed with double glazing. This does not mean that all homes have double glazing. In this post, we have gone through all of the benefits of double glazing and how it benefits your home throughout the year, to inform those who already have double glazing and to convince those who do not.

    If you are looking for something a bit more than double glazing, then you have come to the right place! Additionally, to double glazing, Stormshield provides triple glazed windows for homes across the Northumberland area. Triple glazed windows are the pretty much the same as double glazed windows, however, they have an extra pane of glass. This results in the benefits of double glazing being increased, so all of the benefits in this post will be the same for triple glazing, just better! Our team at Stormshield are always happy to discuss the products that we offer, so if you require more information about triple glazing, do not hesitate to call us with any enquiries you may have.

    Home Temperature Impacts

    During summer months, the sun shining through glass can generate an uncomfortable amount of heat. This can hugely affect the temperature of your home, especially if you have single glazed windows. A hot home will not just lead to being uncomfortable, it will also prevent you from sleeping properly, or being able to relax somewhere besides outside of your home. This can lead to an enormous amount of stress and fatigue, which is one of the last things that you want at a time of year where you have many opportunities to go out and do the things that you enjoy. As double glazed glass has an insulating layer, it can prevent excessive heat from entering your home. This means that your home will remain cooler through the day and excessive heat will not remain in your home throughout the night. After finishing a stressful day at work, school, university or more in the summer, one of the last things you want to come home to is a scorching hot home that is too hot to unwind in. If you frequently come home from work to a hot home or you are struggling to sleep at night due to being too hot, it may be due to your home not having double glazing installed.

    Many conservatory owners complain that despite having double glazing installed, their conservatory is far too hot and unusable during the summer months. Despite being majority constructed from double glazed glass, as it is mostly glass, conservatories will still attract a substantial amount of heat. The only true solution to reducing heat in your conservatory the same way that double glazed glass does is by installing a guardian roof. Guardian roofs are tiled roofs containing insulation. This allows your conservatory to remain at a consistent temperature throughout the year, and be fully usable despite the weather. Guardians roofs also have multiple other benefits including giving the conservatory the appearance of an extension, being attractive on the exterior of your home, and reducing noise pollution. Guardian Roofs will also keep your conservatory warm during the winter. Feel free to contact us to find out more about how a Guardian Roof can impact your home.

    When the weather gets colder in the winter, double glazed windows have the opposite effect as what they have during the summer. Oppositely, instead of the glass keeping your home cool, it prevents heat from escaping your home, which keeps your home warm during the winter. A cold house has very similar negative effects to having a hot house. If your home is too cold, it can prevent you from being able to sleep properly or from being able to relax. It is important that during the winter, your home is warm to allow you to relax and not become ill. Keeping your home warm will also prevent the need to have your home heating on all the time, which will save money at such an important time of the year. With Christmas and New Year at the pinnacle of the season. It is important that we have the money to spend on our loved ones and to enjoy the festive season to its full. It would be hard to spend Christmas the way that you would want to when you are left short of money due to paying excessive amounts for home heating. By installing double or triple glazing, you are also saving money that you would have had to spend on keeping your home warm.

    Safety Impacts

    Double glazing is constructed from two solid panes of glass that are highly difficult to break. This means that when you have double glazing installed in your home, you are keeping yourself and who you live with safe. During the winter, it is likely that your home will be full of valuable items that you intend to give to friends and family members for Christmas or valuable items that you have received. Burglars are aware of this, so are likely to be looking for homes to break in to. In the summer, many people go on holiday, so burglars also target homes where they believe that the owners may be away. Double glazed windows are offputting as they are extremely hard to break and when broken, can make an extremely loud noise. This will alert homeowners and neighbours in the unlikely case that they are broken. It is unlikely that your home will be targeted by burglars, however, double or triple glazing will help you to rest assured that your home is safe.

    Noise Impacts

    As double glazing has two panels of glass, it helps to reduce noise pollution inside of your home. This is especially effective during seasonal events that you are not able to take part in. An example of this is bonfire night. If you are unable to attend a bonfire night event due to tiredness, other at home commitments, or work the following day, one of the last things that you would want is to be hearing the loud explosions of fireworks constantly as you are trying to relax. Double glazing can reduce the amount of noise that you can hear inside your home, allowing you to rest easier and sleep more. This is also very effective during the summer as more people tend to be outside their home due to the hot weather, which leads to more social events. During summer nights where you would prefer to stay in rather than go out, this will be especially effective as you will be able to rest for summer socials events that are yet to come.