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    Why Guardian Roof’s should be installed on every conservatory!

    For the past 21 years, Stormshield has established themselves in the Northumberland area for their broad range of specialist services, including conservatory design and installation and supplying and installing windows, doors, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. We have become renown experts in our field of work. It is unlikely that you will not see some of our specialist work during a visit to Newcastle! Continuously through multiple years of work we have found ways to improve our services and introduce new products to our great customers, and that’s why we introduced our very own Solid Conservatory Roof, the Guardian Roof! Most people cannot enjoy their conservatory that they may have spent many years saving up for because of the weather, for example, due to the sun in the summer their conservatory is way too hot, and in the winter the conservatory is way too cold. This can be extremely irritating and will not allow owners of conservatories to get the most out of them. For these problems, a solid Guardian conservatory roof is the solution. Solid conservatory roofs are thermally efficient and fully insulated. This means that the temperature in your conservatory will become more regulated and the living space will become comfortable, quiet and enjoyable. If you are interested in having a Guardian Roof installed on your existing conservatory or you would like a conservatory installed with a Guardian Roof, then call us today and inform us your ideas, budget and the scale of your property and we will provide you with a quote in the post for the construction. Our main contact number is 01670 710 050, but you may also contact us using our contact us form. In this post, we have provided you with 5 great benefits of having a Guardian solid conservatory Roof installed and why they should be on every conservatory!

    Noticeable Acoustic Improvement

    Besides the briefly mentioned thermal efficiency, it also improves the acoustics of your conservatory, meaning you’ll be more sheltered from the noise of surrounding areas of your home. Tiled roofs will create a quiet and calm living space compared and polycarbonate roofs. Having a solid conservatory roof reduces the noise by 30 decibels! This is great for if you have a TV in your conservatory as you’ll be able to hear the volume much more, as well as being in comfort whilst watching your TV. It is also great for family or friends gatherings as you will be able to clearly understand and hear conversations that are exchanged.

    If you are hosting family or friend events in your conservatory, it is likely that your conservatory is quite spacious. Did you know that we provide Guardian roof’s in five different shapes? We also do bespoke guardian roofs, so if your conservatory is a bespoke design, you will still be able to get a guardian roof for your home. For more information about the Guardian roof styles that we offer, please refer to our Tiled Conservatory Roof Styles page.


    Thermal Efficiency Improvement

    Probably the most key benefit of owning a solid conservatory roof. A Guardian roof has layers of insulation in its structure, which allows you to enjoy your conservatory all year round. This is massively important as many people are frustrated that their conservatory is at an inconvenient temperature for use. Having a solid conservatory roof installed will allow the conservatory to be used whenever you choose and gives you much more freedom to design and use the extra space in your home. Additionally to this, in winter you will also benefit from a significant heating bill reduction due to the extra insulation in your Guardian roof. Our efficiency page will go into more depth about the efficiency of owning a solid conservatory roof.

    Increase in Property Value

    Tiled roof conservatories also are a massively help to increase the value of your home. The much-improved usability and aesthetic appeal offered by a tiled roof conservatory can transform your homes living space. This is also a massive selling point if you decided to sell your home. The extra space and aesthetics from outside your home will be massively attractive to potential buyers. Despite this being a great benefit of a solid conservatory roof, we recommend having a guardian roof to use rather than owning it to increase the value of your home.

    More Aesthetically Pleasing

    Our Guardian roofs can be built in a variety of different colours and styles to match your property perfectly. Creativity can be applied when pitching your idea for a Guardian roof for your home. Guardian roofs can also make an impact on the exterior of your home too by blocking bright lights and making the conservatory look like it is part of your home. Stormshield offer a wide range of finishes on their signature Guardian roofs, which are available to be fitted on any style. If you wish to find out more about our Guardian roof finishes, please refer to our tiled conservatory roof finishes page.

    Option of Adding Skylights to Keep the Traditional Conservatory Feeling

    If you prefer the lighting and traditional feeling of a conservatory, but would like the other benefits of a solid conservatory roof, then skylights are your answer. Skylights can be inserted into the Guardian roof to allow natural lighting to enter your conservatory, so you can have the natural feel of a conservatory, plus, experience the benefits of a Guardian roof.

    solid conservatory roof

    If this has interested you in the possibility of having a Guardian roof installed in your home, why not come to our showroom in Cramlington? Our showroom has multiple different designs of conservatories, as well as many interior home designs. If you are still interested but can’t make our showroom, give us a call on 01670 710 050.